Make Me Feel

Making spaces which expressed or showed an emotion. This project was set out to help show our individual styles and creativity. I have never before been told to create five pieces of work without planning and researching for at least a week before hand. Being able just to think of something and give it a go was refreshing, and allowed me to create spaces for my figure that I never would have, having done weeks of research first. Although taking me out of my comfort zone, I really enjoyed this project.

I tried to make each design different from another. I didn’t find that I struggled with the making as I enjoyed the style of free making; I also enjoyed having to use old cardboard boxes and bit and pieces of foam to give them a new life. However the one point of this project that I did struggle with was naming my spaces, I feel that this was because I didn’t base the designs off feelings and how they should make my figure feel but I focused on what they should contain and what the final image would look like. To overcome this I considered how I would feel in these spaces and some of the thoughts that I had when creating them.

The images are named; Tessellate, Small, Confined, Theatrical & Amazed

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