Jonathan Clarkson ‘Places to Experience’ Lecture; Reflection

I found todays lecture about ‘Places to Experience’ eye opening. This is because the images and the artists shown didn’t just consider what us as the audience could see but they considered other senses as well, such as smell, touch and sound, this is something that I have considered before, however I felt that this was from a new perspective.

I have always found Sir Anthony Joshua’s work inspiring, the image of his work used in todays session showed some of the reasons why. His use of scale and whole body experience throughout his artwork, is something that I feel very passionate about. He distorts a sense of scale through his work by using large and small scale within the same piece, he also bases a lot of his work on himself and this body. I believe that this is why his work has always stood out for me.

I believe that I can take inspiration from today and use it to inspire my own work, throughout the course but also my own personal work. Looking at an image in a different way and seeing something that I didn’t see before, will open up more opportunities within my work as I can see things from a different perspective.




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