‘A Place to Exist’ Evaluation


During this project ‘A Place to Exist’ I learnt and experimented with new techniques such as axometric drawings, perspective drawings, section drawings, model making and drawing plans. These techniques allowed me to understand the project and the building more.

Overall, I feel that the project well, I was able to attempt all the techniques, and this has allowed me to see what I need to improve on. I felt that my initial ideas and plan drawings were strong, however some of the finer detail needed work and I needed to consider more of the plan. I also feel that my axometric drawings went well.

Throughout this project and term, I have things that didn’t go as expected. I felt that this gave me a real disadvantage. I know that I need to work on my perspective drawings and that skill is not strong. I also am lacking in the knowledge and skill when using photoshop, which I will need to pick up the skill for, through practice and more tuition.

Next time I would make sure that I don’t fall over and make sure that I can come into all lectures and fully commit myself to the course, so that I don’t fall behind on work.

I feel that I commit to my project, I really enjoyed it and wanted to show off all my ideas in the best possible way.

I believe that I did begin to find my voice as an Interior Design through this project, even though just a small project I found that there were always things that I wanted to achieve such as, not making anything to conventional, trying to find new and unusual ways of doing things. These kinds of ideas such as the round bed, not having a wardrobe but using the sterling board as a multi functioning item.

I hope that I managed to master the elements of object space and experience, and I hope that I was able to show this through my presentation. I wanted to show a space that blended in with the environment and had an amazing atmosphere when standing in it.

I honestly don’t believe that I reached my potential during this project. Through missing certain lectures and not being able to fully commit to the course I feel that I lacked the skills to show off my ideas and develop them. I also think this showed in my presentation. However next term I will pick up and study all the skills that I missed and show off what I am able to do in this next project.

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