Constellation: First term reflection

This term for constellation I chose the topic ‘How Things Are.’ This is because I believed that I could relate it most to my study of Interior Design. I believed that it would state things how they are and help me to explore different fields of interior design deeper and with more philosophy and theory behind it.

I found that I really enjoyed this topic, I was able to grasp the basic understanding of what was being said and apply and adapt it to fit my field of work which lead to big and better ideas for me. My first ever session in constellation was an eye opener, one of the first task that we were set was to identify and module a piece of creative writing just from smelling the inside of a pot and trying to guess what it was; which although unusual, I found very and surprising enjoyable. I was so inspired by just the first session on ‘Sensography’ that I based my whole final essay from this topic. Although I did enjoy the first topic the most I also found the rest of this topic also inspiring and that there was always something within the subject that I could relate back to my chosen subject of Interior Design no matter how small it was. I found this in topic such as constructive perception, learning about how things are what we expect them to be, how we project already set emotions and memories onto an experience before we have even experienced something ourselves, a pre-set judgment to a space or experience. Onto the next session where we explored the idea that humans are just robots and the tools are the ones who really create the work, as without the tools there is no way that we would be able to create pieces and work. Next onto how we work within the world and not upon it, how we only collaborate with things in the world that respond to us, rather that working as one. From then on working on the idea that tools and equipment that we use become part of us when we work and that they enable us to create whatever we desire, that they are an extension of our body; this idea includes technology and that it expands our bodily way of knowing the world and ourselves. Moving onto how objects and tools have changed the way that we as humans look, and this then affects the way that we see the world, through mediums such as clothes and technology.

I found with constellation that I really enjoyed being pushed and challenged through the philosophy in a way that I didn’t expect to be in the duration of my course. I found that it has picked my brain on different ideas, big and small. I have also been shocked at how much I have learnt and how much I have developed my idea within interior design using techniques and ideas from constellation. Thinking about each lecture I found that I did struggle to follow everything that was said, and I didn’t pick up or understand everything however, from the bundle of information I was given every week there was always something that I found within the whole lecture that was inspire me and open my horizon to new and exciting though processes. I did struggle with following the course as due to some issue I wasn’t able to attend most of my constellation lectures, however I did try to catch up and follow online. I found this hard as within this subject I found that I need to have the theories and ideas explained to me to fully understand what they were talking about and to fully grasp the idea and concept, to be able to apply it to my work, or even just to write about. However I was able to overcome this by doing my own further research into topics that really interested me to help me gather an understanding. And as every teenager did I struggled with the early morning starts that constellation threw at me.

I believe that this term in constellation has set me and prepared me for next term. I now know what is expected of me and what this process entails. I will make sure that I attended every lecture and make the appropriate notes and continue further research into the topics that interest me so that when it comes to writing an essay I am more than prepared rather than having to do all the hard work at the end.

I found my essay harder to write than I had expected to, I knew that I would find it challenging as I had missed so much preparation work leading up to it, however writing the essay its self was a challenge for me. I was very interested in the topic and the field itself but producing two thousand words on this topic was what I struggled with as I felt that I needed to do more research and more preparation before starting to write. However, whilst writing my essay on a topic that I found fascinating, I was teaching myself techniques and still learning about theories within this topic that I will carry with me through the next three years of my course and through any interior design carer that I have in the future. I was able to structure an essay that overall I am not happy with and don’t believe that it is my best work, but I believe that it portrays the purpose and meaning that I wanted it to and shows how passionate and involved I became in this topic and how much I soaked up the information from it. I am very excited to see what my next constellation entails and what I can take from it, and what I can apply that I have learnt in this topic to my next and how it will help me through my interior design endeavours.

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