Collaborate ‘Light’

Week 1:

This week we were introduced to our new project ‘Light.’ I am very excited by this project as I have always been inspired by and interested in light and using light in my work. I was also excited to be designing a space which I can actually see and visited, everyday I walk past this space and I have seen many different displays from different subject areas, so I am excited by the chance to design it myself.  To inspire us, in our lecture we were shown images of different artists, one of which were the ‘Marsyas’ designed by Anish Kapoor which was displayed in the Tate Modern. Although my initial ideas don’t relate to this, I enjoyed his work as it was unusual and different and I took that concept from his work to think different to create something memorable rather than making a replica of his work.

I had two initials ideas to start this project they were; to create a dark room and using lights to create the affect of stars as you walk into the space or; a ‘Field’ of light this would be light that are interactive, that are all stood up in a dark space to give the appearance of a field of light flowers. Both ideas are too create and atmosphere and an experience rather than just display an object. To start the development of our ideas we were introduced to sketch up, this computer programme allowed us to not only display our ideas in a new way, but create mood and atmosphere  using v-ray, so we could portray our ideas more effectively.

As a beginner using Sketch up I have found it challenging to locate all the controls that I want and be able to use all the tools effectively, however to progress I will need to keep practising to achieve the outcome that I desire.

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