Collaboration ‘Light’

Week 2:

Since last week I have developed my ideas further, I decided to create a ‘Field’ of light for this project. The concept behind this was that I am going to insert a black curtained off space into the reception area within this space there are interactive lights that stand on long bendable sticks. My development for the initial idea is to make this space a multi- sensory experience. This idea stimulated from my constellation as I had my eyes opened that not everyone experiences the same thing in the same space, that everyone’s experience is unique to them. From this idea I made this field multi sensory so that if you were blind, deaf or just had a strong sense to another that you would still be able to experience something within this space, it will also play on memories as part of the experience using smell and taste.

This week I have also been doing some practical work, after a tutorial with my tutor I built my model. We were shown how to use two different types and thickness of cardboard to achieve a solid structure. Model making is one of the most enjoyable parts of the experience of designing for me. I like to add small touches that really help to bring the model to life, this could be as small as some paint. Although my design has round light in it, it was important to me that my model would light up, although hard I have come up with the idea to use led light and paint them the colours that I want and use these as part of the ‘field’ of light.

I have also completed some technical drawings, a daring of the plan of the building with how the light would fit into the space, but also a axonometric drawing which allowed me to see the space from a different perspective but also helped me to portray my ideas clearly.  I have  been doing small sketches and drawing which have helped me to develop my ideas but also have helped to show what I am trying to portray.

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