Collaboration ‘Light’

Week 3: Field_ of Light

I was very excited for this project as I love light, the way it is used in images, architecture and design. It is a massive aspect of all of our lives and I have always felt very passionately about it. This project was an amazing opportunity for me. I decided to come up with the idea for a multi- sensory experience after my first term constellation which opened my eyes to the way that we experience different things as an individual. So my final idea was a circular curtained off area within the reception space that you are able to walk into; within this space there is different sized bendable sticks with round light on top that coloured with six different colours. You are able to walk through this ‘Field’ of light and touch the lights that will bend with any movement, they will also react with sound and have a smell on each colour that will trigger the memory of a taste and you will have a sensation of taste as well.

Through the three weeks of this project I have been using sketch up, this was able to give me the affect show off my work in a different way. Although I enjoyed it I wasn’t able to create the atmosphere that I wanted as I found v-ray hard to use and didn’t fully understand all the technical side to it. However I am determined to understand it so I will practice until I can get the desired affect. However if I had manged to use v-ray i believe that my project would have been a lot more powerful as the atmosphere I very important to the project and that wasn’t portrayed correctly.

During this project I also had the chance to build a model. I always jump at the opportunity to do physical making work, so making the model was a lot of fun for me. I used the technique of using two different types and thicknesses of cardboard to create a solid structure, I found cutting the thinner pieces of cardboard tricky as they would often rip and tear and then I would have to start again. I used acetate to create the affect of a window in between the two layers of cardboard and I also chose to paint my model so that it had a cleaner finish. I then used black card to create the curtained off area and the roof of that area. To make the lights I had decided that it was very important to me that they lit up. I found this challenging to get my model to light up as well as look as I wanted it to. I used led lights which i then painted the six colours which I wanted. Although I was very pleased with the overall look if more time then I would have worked on making the light have round tops and being able to bend the sticks, but I was able to illuminate the object.

Along with this I did some technical drawings, these were a drawing of the plan of the building which showed what I wanted the reception area to look like, how it would be placed within the space and how the lights were spread out in the space. I also completed an axonometric drawing, this helped me to understand the space, help other to do the same but also I wanted to develop my skill in this area, I believe that my skill to complete these drawings has improved and will continue to.

I presented this work to my other fellow Interior Designers, I don’t think that my presenting skills are fantastic as I find that I am happy to present but don’t always know what to say and don’t sell my ideas that well. I know to improve this I need to keep practising and prepare something to say about each slide before doing it so that I can focus on selling my idea rather than worrying about what to say.

Overall I am happy with my project, however I know it needs work and that I need to improve skills in certain areas.

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