Collaboration ‘Light’

Week 5: Interior Design

This week we were set with a new task in Interior Design. As a group we decided to stay together, and we called ourselves the yellow yolks as we were in the yellow group. In the new task we were given two words that contradicted each other. We had Futuristic and Nostalgic. First thing we did as a group was to mind map the first ideas that came to us, one important that linked the two was technology. We decided quiet quickly that for the futuristic image we were going to construct it around a picture that Georgia in our group was going to draw, a woman that was her idea of a futuristic woman and we were going to put this woman into a space. The space to us had to involve light and some sort of technology. We all had different ideas of what this meant, to some it meant a light, bright room which was very modern and clean and to other members of the group that meant using a dark space with a small element of light. In the final image we used a dark background. When presenting I don’t feel that the audience liked the dark background and felt that it didn’t represent what they saw as futuristic. We know that this image could have been better and with more tuition which we needed that maybe it could have been to the standard that we wanted it to be.

Finished Futuristic-2

The second image was much harder to create. As a group we found the futuristic idea came to us quickly however ideas for nostalgic were much harder to come up with. Through a lot of searching we found a piece created by an artist called Britt Davis who created a image of this bus stop to represent the first baseball game which included everyone it was called “Take your seat in history.” This image was based on something nostalgic so we decided to take it and edit in what we found nostalgic to make our own seat in our history. This included things we remembered from our childhood just as old TV programmes or memorable pieces of technology. This one was liked more by the audience and they were able to guess this images and relate to it more than the futuristic one. Although personally I was much happier with this image, I am aware that it needs more work and with more tuition it could have been better. Bus shelter

To create both images we manipulated them using Photoshop. This week we worked as a group much better as we were much more comfortable around each other, we were able to give each other criticisms and work more constructively together. Again I believe that some of the group put more work into it than others however everyone was involved and took part and gave some input into the final outcomes. We also were all there for our final presentation.

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