Collaboration ‘Light’

Week 6: Fashion Design

This was our final week in our ‘Field’ project. We decided to stay together in the group that we had been in for the other two projects as felt comfortable to be around each other now and felt that we worked well together; we also had another fashion student join our group Fiona. This project was to display a garment made by our fashion team members and create 6 photos that could be displayed in a magazine. This included thinking about make up, hair styles, environment and the garments. Although we were all excited about this project and felt that we all had something to bring to the table, the two fashion students took the lead as we were using their garments and it was their vision of what they wanted them to be portrayed as.

We decided to use both garments an experiments with how they both would look, together and apart. Ada and Fiona wanted the models to look grungy and quiet dark with heavy make up and dark clothing and simplistic hair styles. We looked at a number of locations that we could go to for this photo shoot, we looked at old abandoned warehouses and old hospitals, however our final outcome was very different. We decided to look at Roath park and just the juxtaposition of the nature and colours against the dark and grungy look of the garments and models. Our models were two member from our team Fiona and Georgia, Georgia also did the hair and make up on both models, Jordan was the photographer and I helped to display the models, ensuring that the garments were on show, I was focused on the environment around us, and I also took care of the behind the scenes footage. The photo shoot we found to be very successful as we planned a lot before hand and ensured that we had what we needed when shooting.

Throughout we were logging evidence of our work through a PowerPoint which we presented on the Friday showing some moldboards of ideas, behind the scenes footage in the form of some pictures and video time laps of our journey of taking the final images which were shown in the end of the presentation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had to choose 6 final photos to present, we picked two each of the models and individuals and then a final two of the models together, we chose our photos based on how the garment looked in the setting and which photos showed the full potential of the garment. We edited them all slightly by making them darker and dimming the natural light. This allowed the grungy theme to come around more and play more on the juxtaposition of the models and the surroundings.

Then to finish our project we make a mock up cover for a magazine using the brand ‘Dazed’ as our title. This helped us to see our work as a final piece, and how it would look. We realised from this that the picture did not need much editing, we made it slighter darker and zoomed into the image more so the focus was on the models rather than the surrounding. Screenshot (21)...


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