Soul Project: Week 8

This week I worked on building the ‘soul/sole’ main part of my building. This was my biggest challenge to create and I had to spend a few days just to plan so that I don’t get it wrong and I manage to make it as beautiful as I imagine it.

To do this i created the basic structure out of paper first so that i could get the shape and size right. Then I used card and masking tape to create a solid structure;


on which i glued various different shapes that i had cut out of 2mm thick balsa wood and waxed used farrow and balls dark wood wax to make them stand out. Overall i am very happy with the overall outcome of my piece i think i manage to capture some of what i was imagining it to look like. I am very pleased, however I still need to finish by adding detail and all the other little piece which have been designed.



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