Soul Project: Week 13

My presentation:

I felt that my presentation went well, I was able to control my nerves and explain the concept and ideas behind my scheme. I was pleased with presentation and the overall look of it as I felt that it represented the brand and the colours they use. However I was disappointing the the images of my floor plans as they looked scruffy compared to the rest of my presentation. I also was not able to render any images, to really portray the mood and feeling within the space. These are all things that I will rectify within the the next two weeks, and get my presentation to a high standard, before the deadline.

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This week we were also set the task of writing a personal statement, I found this opportunity exciting, as I am able to reflect on how I have improved over the year and what I haven’t achieved that I aimed to. I have found that finding three images for my personal statement has been challenging as I don’t know how I could find three images to represent what I want to communicate.

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