End of First Year Reflection

To say that my first year in university was eventful is an understatement. I was beyond excited to start my course in Interior Design. In my first week staying in university I fell and injured my knee, this resulted in major surgery (not the best start to the year). Although I know this set me back, in socialising and with all the technical skills and lectures I missed. I was determined to carry on and complete the year, and not let my injury stand in my way. I felt that the first term was hard, physically and emotionally all because of my knee. However after a very relaxing Christmas break I came back into the second term determined to pick up on all the skills that I feel I missed out on and really show what I can do (and show off that I could walk again). Through the second and third term I really felt that I picked up on skills that I missed out on and really enjoyed doing so.

I have found that the strongest point in my design process currently is concept and scheme, I love sitting down and sketching and writing ideas down and researching through different mediums to get inspiration. For me the best and most satisfying part of designing has been model making as I feel that it shows my ideas clearly, and looks very effective. I feel that I need to improve my skills in communicating my designs; through digital medias, sketches, drawing and presenting. However, although I know they need developing, I have come so far with these skills since the beginning of term.

Through the three terms I have also experiences two other elements of my course which are Field and Constellation. These have really helped in ways that I didn’t think they would and influenced my work. Field was hard, working with other practices allowed me to see how the skills that I hold can influence other practices. But I did not enjoy the process of the Field course. Constellation really did inspire me in so many ways, however the main piece of information that I have taken from it this term, which I will always apply to my work from now on, is that; an experience and atmosphere is very different for every individual person, and the impact and feeling this can have on someone can stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Although I am happy with how far I have come in a year, I don’t feel that this year I have achieved or created what I wanted. I am unsure if this is through hurting my leg at the beginning of the beginning of year and missing a lot of valuable time or focusing on getting through my first year and learning all new set of skills. I feel that I haven’t represented who I am through design. I came to realise this when writing my personal statement, I was writing about why I do design and what I wanted to achieve from this, and mainly this was to make a difference through design, this year I don’t feel as if I have achieved this. I am aware that I will probably not change the world through design, however to even make a small difference to even one person would mean I have achieved my goal; I have seen first hand what a difference this can make.

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