London: Clerkenwell Design Week

Screenshot (88)

Clerkenwell Design Week was a great opportunity, it was filled with designers and retailers who had created something unique. Although not able to see everything, I found I was inspired by the products I did. Personally I found the light section of the festival the most interesting, I have always been interested in light and how much difference it can make to someones experience in a space. Next year I will deferentially go again to explore this section in more detail as due to lack of time I wasn’t able to explore it in the depths I wanted to.


Walking around the festival really helped me to explore different ideas, some which were quiet simple and obvious such as how to display something within a space and others which I didn’t expect, like how companies were displaying their work and which stood out to me the most, these were always companies who did something different and unique, such as the ‘pink spaces’ within the wall; or displaying chairs secured onto a wall.

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