Nomadic Workspace

Week 2:

After conducing research into workspaces, online and through a questionnaire which was answered by people who use an office space everyday, this showed me the number of issues that are currently in the workspace. I was most interested in lighting, colour, comfort, atmosphere and motivation. One of the main issues was being able to stay motivated all day in their work environment.

I decided to focus on how to create a space that will motivate you, it is important that this space is personal to you and allows you to feel comfortable and work to the best of your ability. I decided that the best way to do this was to create a desk space that was made through natural materials. This desk space would allow you to adapt it through colour, lighting, sound and allows privacy to complete your work. However they are not completely cut off from everyone else and allows you to speak and communicate with other colleges. The rest of the space will include a communal area to take a break from your work and also include nature which will motivate however also improve air quality in the room. I decided that the best place to create this space was in the office space, as it fits the clients that I think this product will benefit.

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