Sustainable Practice

Week 1:

Last year I really struggled with constellation, I struggled to really understand the topic, relate it to my subject and then even more so to write the essays, as I didn’t feel that I had been given the right guidance to be able to write so much.

Only one lecture in and I feel very differently about this year, I was very lucky in being able to get the topic of sustainable practices, the tutor is easy to follow and teaches the subject at a level that so far I have understood. I have a lot more hope for my constellation essay this term than I had the whole of last year.

I have found the topic very interesting so far, I am interested personally in doing whatever I can for the planet, and find it interesting to grow my knowledge on the subject. What i found most interesting is the solutions to problems that as a world we have come up with such as using different plastics that are biodegradable and putting different products into different packaging however it doesn’t solve the wider issue, as these new packages also cause issues within our environment.

Carrying on I am excited to see how I can take this into Interior Design and how I will be able to use this information and apply it to all my projects.

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