Sustainable Practices

Week 2:

This week we explored sustainable development, looking at equity, how we share resources globally. Focus on the future, not just thinking about the here and now.

We looked at sustainability from a global perspective, looking at what holds up society in terms of sustainability. It is said that sustainability is held on three pillars, economy, society and environment. Environmental most important, as we need clean air and water to survive, next is society need to be civil share otherwise things fall apart then the economy needs to be stable.

We spend a lot of the session looking at different practices, and how affect they are at achieving sustainability in day to day life. In my group we looked at commercial practices, this method is an exchange between two people or companies where you need something and someone else has this therefore you exchange so that you both get something you need. We used air bnb as an example, as someone has a spare room and someone else needs somewhere to stay therefore they exchange the room for the same value of money.  It is a good system however we identified some flaws, as there must be an element of trust that you get the same value as what you are giving.

I felt that this week was very productive for me as I understood what was going on and engaged with this. It gave me new ideas on how to think about my practices.

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