Sustainable Practices

Week 3:

The circular economy…

This week we looked into the circular economy, this is a concept that will close the loop of the linear economy. So instead of using products once and then throwing them away, companies find new ways to use them and they get sold again, hopefully saving resources. This idea is a fantastic opportunity to rethink using creativity and innovation, the chance to redesign our future.

This idea makes the things that we are buying better, however do we need to buy these things in the first place? although contributes to solving an issue, it doesn’t fix it.

In groups we then looked at theories which underpin circular economy, i looked into performance economy. This concept again helps to contribute to solving an issue, but doesn’t fix the problem completely when you look into it.

From now on in these sessions i can thinking about my final essay and how i can relate Interior design to sustainable practices.

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