Field; Object.

Our first taste of object in field, we explored different objects and decode them, breaking each object down to find out what the meaning behind it could be, and possible change the way we see and possibly use these objects.

In groups of 3, we looked at objects. We looked at a poppy. This personally belonged to someone in our group. We talked about the meaning behind the poppy and what it represents; the war, the soldiers that lost their lives and remembrance day. The narrative of the object could represent the wider community and what we remember, or a more personal meaning to represent a member of your family or someone you knew, this wasn’t the case with this poppy, however there is still a wider meaning behind it. Next we looked into association, the symbolism and what it could mean to other people. We found that there are different coloured poppies which represent different meanings such as purple and white. Also the political meaning behind why we wear them. We then looked into iconography, how we wear it as an accessory, even though there is huge meaning behind it, how the individual poppy itself was better than average as it was made from metal and sparkled, we also discussed how although better in appearance it is also more sustainable. As the other poppies are made from paper and plastic and are thrown away every year and then re bought again. Although more sustainable, this means less money being given to the charity every year.


We then discussed how we would display this item, to ensure that it had impact and meaning. we did this through drawing small, rough drawings of each space. We discussed the idea of using the poppy a lighting it in a dark room, this would give impact and drama, we then also discussed using silhouettes of soldiered, again in the dark room. Our next idea was to multiple the poppies and place them on a big building such as a cathedral. Our next idea was to break a poppy and have it hanging from the ceiling to represent the fallen soldiers, with light to emphasis the poppies. Our last idea was to have a larger poppy made from metal so it was silver and shiny, we would then shiny the different colours of the poppies onto the poppy and this would reflect into the room and create a unique experience.


I feel confident about this project and excited to see where it will lead.

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