Field, Week 1:

London Design Museum

The world’s leading museum devoted to contemporary design in every form, architecture, fashion, graphics, products and industrial design.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to visit the design museum, however I have conducted my own research into the exhibitions that are currently on display. I have a rough idea of what I want to base my project on; I want to experiment with light and how it can affect our experience in a space. SO, when looking through the displays I was focusing on a display that resembled what I am planning to do.

I didn’t find a display that really resembled what I envision however there were some that were inspiring.

The one design that caught my eye was a range of 3D prints. They were created by Studio Klarenbeck and Dros at Atelier Luma in FRANCE AND photographed by Felix Speller.  it wasn’t the prints themselves that I was interested in, but how they are lit and the position in which the photograph was taken. The lighting completely changes the image and gives it so much more meaning and impact than if the lighting wasn’t positioned in this way. The lighting is equally as important as the object itself. The photograph and the positioning of the objects is equally as important and the photograph portray the object and is so important to bring the experience across to the audience.

Screenshot (130)

When looking at my project I want the same experience, I want the lighting to complete change my object and help to create a unique and individual experience for everyone who enters it.

I am disappointed I wasn’t able to truly benefit from the design museum as I didn’t attend, however, I will take something from my research, and the project I have looked at.

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