Week 2: Field

This week I explored my object and made some decisions on how I am going to display it and where.

My object was an origami Lilly. I explored different ways in which I could display this object to give it the meaning and impact that I wanted.


All designs included some element of light, I have always been interested in using light, in my work as I know it can completely change the way you view an object and give it a completely new meaning.


I experimented with how to position the Lilly, as if I was to hang the Lilly’s I would have to use a thin clear wire so that it can’t be seen and doesn’t take away from the Lilly’s themselves. If i was to stand them up in the ground, then I would have to use a hard material such as wire as it would have to be sturdy enough to hold up the Lilly’s without too much movement.


I have decided to follow through with my first idea, to make hundreds of Lilly’s and hang them from the ceiling then using light to create shadow.

I would also like to explore how this space makes my niece Lilly feel. This is because the space has been designed around an object she made. Therefore i will create the space and then allow her to play and be in the space and see how it makes her feel.

I have also looked at different spaces that I could use. I could use an outdoor space, putting the Lilly’s back into nature as that is where they have come from. But I also looked at smaller spaces inside, that I could light and fill with these Lilly’s.

I am happy with how my project is developing and I am excited to see how the final image looks.


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