Week 2: Field

The object I have chosen for this project is an origami lilly.

I have chosen this object as my niece made it and gave it to me. The object has sentiment and meaning behind it for me. It is soft, lightweight with precise folds and bends. It is an object that had changed form from a piece of paper into a lilly, to give it new life and a whole new meaning. It creates interesting and sometimes complicated shadows. With sharp edges and curved petals.

Origami has its own meaning, it is a Japanese art of folding, its takes skill, its intercut and takes time.

Lilly’s also have there own meaning, royalty, motherhood, purity, passion and cleanliness. They also have connotations with spring, water, nature, sun and sweet smells.

All three meaning that have been decoding from this object help to understand it and develop deeper knowledge of what the object is and stand for. Knowing this now i can carry this through to my future ideas and use them to display my object.

Johnathon Clarkson Lecture 

1. An object is not me

Objects are not under our control, where do we end and the object begin. We use the objects and control them however does that mean you influence everything that happens to objects, can they control themselves on some level?

2. An object is unknowable

Perception is always partial. We never perceive the whole object and never see an object the same and everyone else. When we look at objects we never see it all and our minds project and guess what the object looks like as a whole due to our previous knowledge and understanding of objects.

3. I am an object

There is a different between object and subject? Subject and object are reversible, we have only come to knowledge of ourselves through knowledge of objects.

Inspiration from Johnathon Clarkson lecture

preserve 'beauty' 1991-2003 by Anya Gallaccio born 1963

During the Johnathon Clarkson lectures he spoke about this piece of work by Anya Gallaccio, showing the decay of flowers. Although not directly linked to what I am doing I found her work inspirational as the display of flowers and the mass of them made such an impact. I then went on to look at more of her work…

White Ice 2002 by Anya Gallaccio born 1963

This piece is called ‘White Ice’ and I found inspiration within this piece too, as the way that the ice falls, is how i saw my Lillys falling, and creating an experience when you are in the space. I am going to combine both ideas of Anya Gallaccio, to create my space.

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