Field: Week 3

This week i worked on producing my idea digitally and creating it on SketchUp. This not only shows another skill level in my project but will also help me to see my idea and possible change concepts which I hadn’t seen before.

Whist on sketch up I looked at colour, lighting and how to hang the Lilly’s…

I found that the Lilly’s hung better and looked more aesthetically pleasing when there was more of them, all quiet low but at different heights. Looking at the image with blue lighting gave the image a very different feel and atmosphere, almost cold and sinister in a way, i did not want this as it doesn’t represent what i am trying to show. I also found that the Lilly’s when hanging with thread that you could see took something away from the design and made it less magical as you could see the constriction behind it.

Final SketchUp image:


I was really pleased with how my image turned out, i found that the colours of the space I have chosen and the Lilly’s worked really well together. I also found that to make the effect that i want i am going to need to create alot of paper Lilly’s to really get the affect that i want. Also these will need to hang lower than i originally thought as Lilly will need to interact with them and move within them.

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