Week 5: Field


I have found this project interesting, challenging and exciting. I was happy with the task set as I felt that it was already related to my subject Interior Design. The object that I chose was an origami Lilly made by my niece Lilly. I struggled to chose what to pick to find one object could be anything, and it is such a wide brief to pick any object and then display it. By the Lilly had meaning behind it for me personally. I was happy with my object and almost immediately after choosing it, I knew what I wanted to do with it.

The development of my work moved quiet quickly as as soon as I decided what I was going to do, I needed to start creating so that I could product the final outcome I wanted. I knew that I wanted to create a space that had a certain atmosphere and feeling within it, I also wanted to use the work of Sir Anthony Gormley within my work and use human form. So i decided to also have Lilly my niece in the room and see how she interacts with the space and how it makes her feel.

The space that I chose for this display was room B2.04 is the university. This room was relatively small, has hard concrete walls which I like as the colour of the walls links well with the colour of the Lillys. Which I made from pink and cream paper. This space was ideal for what I wanted.

Creating the image on SkecthUp first allowed me to have a better understanding of how the space would work and what I needed to do when actually creating it. For example I learnt that the Lilly’s need to be quiet low for Lilly to interact with them, this isn’t something that I had thought of before creating it on SketchUp.

It was hard work as I spent days hand folding hundreds of paper Lilly’s. However I was worth it for how the final outcome came out.

I know that the Lilly’s could have been better quality, but through making so many they weren’t folded as precisely as I wanted. I also wish that I had experimented with lighting more before I produced my final space. An obstacle that I had to overcome was that the Lilly’s took  a long time to thread and hang up, this lead to the instillation being very slow and took a number of hours to complete so I wasn’t able to hang all the Lilly’s, but I came around this by putting them on the floor and letting Lilly interact with them. This worked well, and kept her engaged in the space, and with it.


I was pleased with my final presentation, I feel that it did reflect the feeling and atmosphere that I wanted it to. I was also pleased that I was able to take the group to see my installation as it allowed them to gather a greater idea of what I was trying to produce.

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Overall I was pleased with my project and felt that it was successful and had a strong link with my subject Interior Design. I would change things such as making all the Lilly’s the same colour, I feel that it was have looked more consistent and less handmade if I had done this, however I was very pleased with my final outcome. I wanted to create a space for experience and that meant something, I feel that I achieved this. I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and felt that I was able to apply my skills from Interior Design into it. Although it was a simple idea, I think it was one of my more successful projects, this is because I developed the idea over a few weeks and got it to the stage where I was happy and then worked hard to create the space for experience and produce a final outcome I was happy with.

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