Week 5: Field

This week is the final week of this project. I have constructed all the Lilly’s now for this project, now it is all about construction and creating the space that I have imagined. Then capturing Lilly within the space, moving and playing. I hope to capture some personality and feeling within the photo. To do this I am going to experiment with lighting, shadows and movement. I may introduce different coloured lighting also to insinuate different moods and atmospheres.


The starting on construction…

Construction is slow as I have to tie up each one individually, it took some hard work and long nights to put them all up, I didn’t manage to tie them all up, however I used the leftover ones on the floor so that Lilly could interact with them and move them. Lilly is shy, and this was something that I was worried about as she may not have wanted to ‘perform’ in the space. This wasn’t an issue and really enjoyed the space, felt comfortable in it and spent most of her time running around and interacting with the flowers.


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