Work Experience: ‘Part of the furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live project: Week 3

This week we started with an ice breaker task which included using spaghetti and marshmallows. Using these materials the class had to get creative and build any structure that they could imagine. There was a lot of repetition as expected as they see one idea and like it from a peer and then replicate this. However it was an exciting and fun task and there was some impressive structures.

Next we moved onto a zoning task, this included giving the class a floor plan of the classroom and asking them to create the different zones within that space that they would like to learn in. As a class they really understood the concept of zoning, and when asked how they would zone the classroom they suggested using materials such as the tables and bunting, which already exist in the space. It was a very helpful task and some nice ideas came from it, there was a lot of repetition and a lot of personality came through in the designs as they were all adding in features which they were interested in such as ‘dance floor’ and ‘YouTube area’ or ‘Gaming area’. Seeing their personalities come through in the designs is amazing and what we aim to see, rather than just coping others. However, I am unsure how realistic they are in terms of the final product.

We finished the zoning task by going outside and looking at zones on the playground, as there was drawn zones on the concrete, such as the basketball court. We thought that this would be a nice idea as it gets them out the classroom but also just helps to clarify that they understood what they were doing and could apply the concept to different things, not just the classroom. They were very engaged and contributed a lot to this task only reassuring us that they had grasped this concept.

The next task we gave the class was to create mood boards. This entailed them to cut out and utilise magazines, fabric and anything else that they could find inspiration from to create a cluster of ideas that they would possibly put into different zones in the classroom. They all were very engaged in this task, imagining different zones, with different furnishing and fitting using different colours. I felt that it was important that they were encouraged to put the most weird and wonderful things in that they wanted, as these big ideas are what can spark realistic ideas with us to apply to the space. They really developed their imagination and I could see were more engaged in this project than ever.

I feel that this week has been very successful and we have made some big developments in terms of getting different elements of the design from the class. I feel more confident in my teaching skills and ever more confident in my role as an interior designer through this project. This week has been very encouraging, from this I believe that planning our lessons more creatively based will benefit us more than trying to follow the curriculum to suit the structure of a ‘normal’ lesson. I am more excited than ever to see where this project is heading.

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