Work Experience: ‘Part of the furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live project- Week 4

This week we started by playing a game which included creating two zones in the classroom, a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’ zone, which we created using tape on the floor. We asked them a series of questions and they went to the zone which they felt was appropriate. Some of the class even felt that neither of the zones were appropriate and created their own zone in the middle of the room, which was if they were not sure or if the answer was maybe. The questions were as followed…

  • Who likes pizza?
  • Only 5 said no!
  • Who knows what Interior Design is?
  • Most stayed in Yes, “designing the inside”.
  • Do you like school?
  • “I like play time”, “I like Wednesday’s because we do this”, “I like art”, “I like my friends”.
  • Do you know what estimating is?
  • Most again said yes, “A guess of what something is, before knowing”.
  • Who would want to be an Interior Designer?
  • “I might want to be an Interior Designer, but there are just so many other jobs, I can’t choose yet”. 
  • Do you know what a mood board is?
  • Most said yes as we had made them in the previous week. “I though it was the same as the board we use to see how happy we are”.

Then we changed the game slightly, and instead of running to Yes or No, they had to run to different areas in the room. The questions were again as followed…

  • Go to the happiest place in the room?
  • “The door, so we can leave”, “Don’t like maths”, “Outside”, “Computers”, “Art”, “Reading corner, because every book has a happy ending”.  
  • To the most exciting place in the room?
  • “Art, because it has the most colour”, “The toilets, because they are refreshing and I can talk to my friends in there”, “Art, because all our work is on the walls in here”.
  • Go to a place that you wish was better?
  • “Whole classroom”, “Its boring, there is too much work”, “The lighting is wrong, because sometimes I can’t see the board”, “We need more privacy”. 

Next we moved onto making some models, although we had already made some we though that it was a good task as we could take it into a lot more detail. We gave them a 1:50 scale base of the classroom, and they had to measure the around the outside and then cut the walls out themselves and complete the model in small groups. From this they then created different zones inside and put some different furniture inside. It was interesting to see the class use scale, but also what they were imagining and putting into the classroom, some worked in 3D, when other choose to draw there plans onto the models. The results were interesting and creative, and there are elements from all of them that we can carry through into our final design, it not only helped them to think deeper about the space, but helped us gather more of an understanding on how they see the space.

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Next the class completed a series of perspective drawings…

These proved very effective, as a group they grasped the concept of perspective drawing very quickly, which was surprising as before they had struggled with the concept and haven’t always understood perspective without a further explanation. But with the drawing to hand they understood strait away and got stuck into the task. Even though not all the results are realistic to use, they can be taken into account and some ideas can spring from these.

We then finished the session with a mindfulness task. I have found that these really help at the end of the day too calm everyone down and relax before going home. But it also also good for mental well- being and we have been able to link it to interior design in some way every time. So that we still gain something from this…


Again this week was very successful for us. We managed to teach a range of concepts which they all took on board and they all said that they enjoyed doing it. Teaching scale, measuring, perception and creativity without them realising, as they though it was just fun. Through teaching these skills we also managed to take away a range of ideas through the drawings and models that we can apply to our designs for the space. Not everything was well organised and there was a few hiccups but they were easily overcome. One thing that we have realised is that we cannot plan everything as the day always changes, so we have had to be very adaptable and be loose with our plans. Next week we will continue to follow the same creative type of lesson plans as I feel that we benefit the most from them as do they.

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