Work Experience: ‘Part of the furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live Project: Week 5

This week we focused on working on a one- to- one scale.

We started the session with a warm up game, this is one that we learnt whilst in creative practitioner training. We asked the class to walk around the room in a random order, then asking them o do specific moves such as stretch up and touch the floor,then break into small groups and we would ask them questions such as… and then would have to discuss.

Then we moved onto working on a one- to- one scale. We placed cardboard on the floor of the classroom and divided everyone up into 6 groups, and each group was a different zone in the classroom (English, Languages, Maths, Art, Science, Humanities) each group had to make a zone on the floor and think about what they wanted in this space. I imagined that they would draw what would resemble a floor plan, however they were drawing as individuals and not as a group so were drawing individual objects and images. It became more of a mind map than a floor plan.

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Next we kept the class in their groups and they had the same subject as before, but they had to create an object that would go into one of the zones, but to scale. There was some struggle on what they would make as they didn’t work well as groups and all had their own ideas. Each group opted to make a ‘space’ which they could get into and physically use. The spaces that were made were very impressive, and showed that most of the class really understood the class and skills that we had taught them in previous weeks had really shown through, especially when considering zoning, as they had though about how to adapt each space to suit where it would be situated in the classroom, for example the maths zone included timetables on the wall.

This was a successful task, and they all really seemed to enjoy it. However it lead to a lot of noise in the class so we finished the day with mindfulness.


Screenshot (170)

In reflection we should have removed the spaces they had created before completing the mindfulness session, as it caused a distraction and not everyone was paying attention. However it was still valuable as we then sat down as asked them what they imagined their future classroom to look like. We had a range of answers: “Flying cars and robots”, “everyone are cats”, “having spaces like the ones we’ve just made, but everywhere”.

I have found this week to be very useful, I feel that this has really pulled the ideas together and almost concluded the teaching element of this project. We have gone through the process of designing with them and showed them the same steps that we take and ending with building objects to scale completes this nicely. Next week we can go away and complete a series of design and return to show them what they have helped us create, it is vital that they feel part of the design process.

I don’t feel that my teaching skills were strong this week, however when working one- to- one with the children in the class I feel that I can make progress rather than talking to them as a group. I worked closely with one child who didn’t want to take part and was struggling with the noise and disorder of this task, but with encouragement he did produce some good ideas and create some good work. This part of the day for me was the most enjoyable to see the child actually participate and take part, after resisting to at first. I am feeling confident about the project after this week and really feel that we as a group have made progress, designing next week will be very beneficial for us and we can gather a clearer idea of what we are doing.

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