Work Experience: ‘Part of the Furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live Project: Week 6

Throughout this week we have been designing the space and coming up with concepts and visuals. We decided not to go to the school this week as we felt as a group that we needed time to think about what we are going to do, so that we produce work that is meaningful.

I feel that we have got everything that we need to out teaching as we have structured the lessons based around how we begin the design process ourselves. We have worked through floor plans and zoning, measuring, mood boards, model making and then building to a full scale. This has been hugely beneficial and we have gain insight and ideas from them and what they have produced. Now we all feel that we really need to work on the space and the design so we know where we are going with this project.

We have considered many ways of creating the zones, we need to divide the the space into subject areas to fit the new curriculum. We have decided an effective way of doing this will be to use rugs under the tables, but also to create a ceiling hanging in a circle with a decorative bottom. We believe that this will not only look effective but be a cost effective way of changing the space on our budget. We have also decided to produce a ‘honeycomb’ reading corner, inspired by Eleanor’s design of a nomadic workspace, we showcased this design in one of the first weeks and they all loved it and have used it to inspire their own designs, therefore we feel that they should have one included in their designs.


Using these ideas we have created a rough image of what we are thinking using the programme SketchUp. These images show how the zones will work and a scale view of our earlier ideas.


I feel that this week has been very productive as we have been able to make some big movements in where this project is going and the final outcome. This has made the project a lot more exciting for me as I can see the final product. We still have some developments on the design to be made, but it is getting somewhere. I feel more excited than ever to be an Interior Designer and knowing the impact that this project can have has really motivated me.

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