Work Placement Review

I have completed a six-week project, which is still in progress until the 20th March. This is a live project called ‘Part of the Furniture’ which is situated in Pembrokeshire, Spittal VC School. I am working as part of a team to transform the classroom in which year 4-5 use and introduce the idea that the space which they are working in and how they feel within this space has a monumental impact on how they learn. This project was given to us by the Arts council of Wales, and to take part we had to train as ‘Creative Practitioners’.

This project has involved us a group teaching Interior Design to the class, teaching Interior Design has allowed us to get everyone involved in the creative process of redesigning and reimaging the space. We have taught the class the skills we would use in the early stages in designing the space such as zoning, perspective drawing, model making and working in different scales. We have also tried to tie these skills in with the current curriculum including, estimating, measuring and creative thinking. We have then used the classes ideas and are developing these to create our own design on the classroom.

In so many ways this project has allowed me to utilise the skills that I use day to day in my practice of Interior Design and apply them when teaching such as zoning, making mood boards, measuring, estimating, using scale and model making. I have also been allowed to see them in new ways when teaching but also to see what others come up with, but also how many different ideas are produced from the same brief. I have also learnt a whole range of new skills such as teaching, but also a whole new way of looking at designing, as we have taken a prolonged process before designing, but have really got to know the space and explore it, which I have never done before.

Although I have really enjoyed this experience, I have found the process to be drawn out and I feel that this task could be completed in a shorter amount of time as we still have five weeks left of this process. Although I found the teaching very beneficial in the design process, I have struggled with this element of the project as I am not a teacher and didn’t enjoy that aspect of it. I would say that this has been the biggest struggle for me through the project.

I am really enjoying the whole work experience journey, I strongly believe that work experience is a valuable experience for everyone. To work outside of university has been an invaluable experience as I am now trained as a Creative Practitioner and have gained teaching and design experience, which will now change the way I look at certain designs. But mainly I will change the process as in this project getting to know the space has been very important and I feel that it has made a real difference to the design.

As this project continues, I hope that the design reflects the work we have put into it and that the project is recognised and more project like this will continue in the future…

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I feel that my presentation went well, I was able to portray what I wanted and showcase what we have achieved so far. I was disappointing in the appearance of the presentation itself as there was a lot of writing, however I feel that if I was to do this presentation at the end of the project then I would be more focused and it would have been better, however the project was a priority.

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