Work Experience: ‘Part of the Furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live Project: Week 8

This week was half term for the school, so we stayed in Cardiff and developed our scheme after having all the feedback from the school. This has been very beneficial as we have been able clarify what we are going to do and work out what materials we need to do this. We have broken down everything that we are planning on making as we have estimated that it will fit into our budget, we have also created this sheet to show our costs so that we can show the Arts Council, exactly how we’ve spent their money. We do not know all the costs yet, but this is because we are still looking at where we should buy the products from.

Screenshot (199)

We have also finished our SketchUp model, this will not only be beneficial to help show the scheme to the school but it also benefits us hugely when it comes to making the fixtures and the model is to scale and we can use this to aid us when building the furniture to scale.

This week we are waiting on the materials to be ordered and arrive. So we can start to bring this project to life.

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