Work Experience: ‘Part of the Furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live Project: Week 9

This week we were working on producing some of the design, we only have two weeks left of the project and need to start producing our final outcome. We spent the beginning of the week working out all the detailing for each item, the exact measurements and how much of each material we needed. We then went and collected a modicum of the materials such as paint, and the peg boards that we were going to use.

On the Wednesday we were in Pembrokeshire, with a lot of work to achieve in one day. We planned on sanding and re-painting three of the trolleys which they kept trays in, including using a primer. We managed to achieve this, ideally the trolleys should have had another coat of paint as with drying time we were only able to give them two coats. But this can be picked up on another week as a small job. The children helped us with some of this task, but helping to apply the primer to the cupboards, they all took it in turns on each piece of furniture. They were all very interested in what we were doing all day and were constantly asking questions and if they could help more than they were, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible.

We also decided to spray paint the trays in grey, this is because the cabinets are going to be such bright colours that, The drawers being darker will look very effective. To do this we spray painted the drawers, they took a lot longer than expected and we were not able to finish them in the time frame of the day as they needed another coat of paint.

We also took down the old displays in the Art space and replaced them with peg boards, this is help to organise the classroom, but also help to make the children more independent in their studies as they will be bale to go to the board and get the materials that they need, when they need them rather than having to ask. This was by far the most difficult as the boards were hard to take down as they had been on the wall for a long time, and when taking them off it took some small parts of the wall off too, but also left a lot of wall plugs in the wall. We had to work hard to get them out, and then had to fill all the holes in the wall, which took a while to dry. We then had to try and put the peg boards up, however because it was an old building the walls were hard to drill through and it took us a while to overcome this, but it was worth it for the end result.


Even with a few issues, I feel it was a very successful day. I have high hopes for the rest of the project after achieving a small amount. Next week we are going to start building the rest of the furniture for the classroom including the beehive, bookcases and zones.



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