Work Experience: ‘Part of the Furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live Project: Week 10

This week we have been working hard on the construction of the reading corner bee- hive and the bookcases. To do this we have created these products of sketch up, then used a programme called AutoCAD to get all the correct measurements and angels.


Then we have began to cut the wood, to do this we made cutting sheets where we drew out each piece of wood and what piece we could get from each. This allowed us to make the most out of the wood we were using.

Along the way we have had some issues, we started this week by cutting each piece for the bee-hive reading corner out of chip board and we had cut and sanded each piece. We then got told that it was unsafe to use in a school as there is still a risk of splinters. So this was a hold day of work that had to be scrapped and we had to start again, costing us more money. The solution to this is that we will be using a 18mm MDF instead which is a lot sturdier and will require a lot less work. This set back has meant that will be extending the project by another week so that we can ensure that the building is to  a high standard.


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