Work Experience: ‘Part of the Furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live Project: Week 11

We went back to the school again this week, whilst there we carried on with painting the trolley units and trays. We also had purchased whiteboard paint, which we applied to two of the walls to give them an interactive space in which they could all use and could be adapted easily.


This week around going down to Pembrokeshire we also finished constructing the bee- hive reading corner. This took a whole day to put together, over 30 brackets and 200 screws. But we are more than happy with the final product. To do this we measured each angel and bent strait brackets to the angel that we needed.

We also had all the wood cut for the bookcases, again having to produce a cutting sheet and using AutoCAD to get all the measurements and angels right. We used a glue and water mix to seal wood first, this allowed us to put less coats of paint on and save time.




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