Dissertation Proposal- Reflection  

The Psychological Effect of Different Types of Lighting upon Interior Design’ 

When writing my dissertation proposal, I looked at everything about design that truly interests me. This consisted of looking into lighting as an aspect of design, but also looking into interior design as a whole and the wider perspective of it as an art form; why it was is so important, and the benefits that it can really have on us. This evolved into looking at the psychology of interior design.  

looked into many different aspects of lighting including day light, artificial light, sun light; I then went to look into the well- being in buildings and the general psychology behind lighting. This included looking at the work of some publication that have been written for this field, I did not write anything critical about these publications into my dissertation proposal because I wanted to save these for the main body of writing as it will be vital for my research and didn’t want to over exhort my resources at this point. So, for this body of writing I use publications off the internet. This was plenty for this body of writing and I was able to gather all the information that was needed from these. Although very useful I am unsure of how reliable they are as anyone can write onto the internet. So, my resources for the main dissertation must be check and I must be more careful when looking for information.  

The research completed into day light and sun light, which allowed me to grab a grasp of the affects that this can have upon us using natural lighting. This information has been vital to my research as it shows the impact that light can have on us and how it affects us psychologically, and essentially can affect our mental health throughout the year, considering season change. When looking at artificial light, gave me more of an advance into looking at how you can utilize light to create places for experience. This wasn’t fully researched and as a piece of writing wasn’t developed enough, however this will develop when I have read more on the subject and I have got to experience light installation myself; then I believe that this will be a stronger and more critical piece of writing. I also didn’t investigate into if the effects of natural light can be transferred into artificial light, this will in future be a valuable piece of research as it will mean that we can transfer the feelings and emotions that you produce from experiencing sunlight into buildings using artificial light and this will mean being able to not only control human behavior to some extent but also to make us ‘better’ by making us more productive, happier and possibly healthier people through design.  

Next, I looked into the well-being in buildings. This allowed me to develop the earlier statement that you can ‘control’ behavior within buildings using lighting. This research took me into looking into how hospital function, work places, schools, university and other big establishments and if there building design is letting down the company and consequently making them less productive. I plan to investigate the work of authors however did not write this into my plan, again because I want to save this research for my main body of work. Although this is practical, I think it meant that my writing this time was let down and not as critical or as strong as it could have been, because it didn’t have the evidence to back it up. 

Then, looking into the psychology behind why we feel certain ways when experiencing light was very useful as it helped me to give a deeper understanding of the work, this kind of research is invaluable when writing my main body of work. I also plan to look into this work further using the work of published authors as it will make my work more reliable rather than using the internet as my main source.  

Writing this piece of writing in the third person was challenging because this is not usually the format that I write in. However, I found it to be quite useful and inciteful when writing. This is because I was thinking different to how I usually do, and this change the context of some of what I was writing. Although happy with my piece of writing and how it came out, I found that being restricted by having to write such a large piece of 5000 words, led the piece to be far too ‘wordy’ and not as good as it could have been if it was a shorter piece of writing. I also do not feel as if the piece was critical enough for the brief. It has set me up to start my dissertation in a good place however was a rough plan with some basis research and not enough in-depth research, but this will come with writing the main body of work. However, it has set me up with a good plan to follow, change and adapt for the next coming months.  

Writing this piece has only enhanced and encouraged my passion for the subject, I have been so involved when reading and researching that I am excited to carry on with this piece of writing and see where it takes me. I already know that I may change direction slightly, by looking into different elements of lighting to further my research. But I am very excited to see where this piece goes and intrigued into what information I will find when looking deeper into this field of study. Overall, I am happy with how this proposal went, however I know it could have been stronger, I will ensure that my main research and writing portrays the critical and passion that I know this subject topic could have when carrying on throughout the next few months.  

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