Work Experience: ‘Part of the Furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live Project: Cardiff Bay Session

This week to finish off the project we were teaching a two hour session in Cardiff Bay with the class that we have been working with, to show off what we have been doing to the Welsh Government and the public to promote the benefits of this scheme.

During this session we started with playing a ‘ice breaker’ which involved asking a range of questions and when they answered we threw them a ball of wool. This in the end created a pattern which represented their creative thinking pattern and also showed them why we created the ‘zones’ in their classroom.

We then moved onto the ‘How does it make me feel’ task, this involved using 1:50 scale models, in which they had to pretend that they were that model and create a space for experience for it to live in. We have done this task with them before  on the first session that we met the class, but it was enjoyed and also showed a good range of skill in the class, so we felt it was appropriate to show this task off. After this we then used lighting to change how the space looks and change the mood and feeling of the space. We experimented with different colours to show the impact that this can have.

To end we completed a mindfulness task, not only for the benefits that these have, but it also was well received when doing them before in the classroom so made sense to finish our session with another session. It was linked to the tasks as we asked them class to pretend they were the size of an ant. We hope that they link this to pretending to be the model in the earlier task.

It was a nice way to end the sessions we have been doing. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it has only furthered my love for interior design and my passion for being an interior designer.



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