‘City Fits’

For this project I have chosen to follow the ‘Arts Venue’ brief. When choosing my host building I found my own. I wanted an old building, with huge character and beautiful ascetics. When looking around Cardiff I choose the ‘Prince of Wales’ which is currently a Weather-spoons. This building has huge historic value, it was formerly known as the ‘Prince of Wales Theatre’ built in 1874. The building is grade II listed and therefore still contains most of the original features.

To source the plans for this building to get started on my design I had to search online and I managed to find the original plans that were submitted when applying for permission to make the original building into a Weather-spoons.

Looking at the plans, I next moved onto looking at the original interiors that still remain in the building and are to remain untouched.

These beautiful interiors must be worked into the design of the new building.

Next I started to focus on what I was going to be putting into the building, the arts venue calls for an adaptable space that can be used by artist, musicians, dancers, and actors. Therefore it needs to be adaptable and flexible to fix every clients needs. The space will also need to be grand, to fit with the talent that will be in the space, a piece of art in its self.

My sketch book of my working through the beginning of the project:

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