Final Evaluation

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As a final project to end my year I am over all very happy. I believe that it portrayed who I want to be as a designer; to make a space for experience that someone will never forget and impact someone’s life for the better. I am pleased with how the scheme turned out, especially as I challenged myself to find my own building in my limited time, and it was a large building with lots of restrictions. I also delivered more spaces than I thought I would be able to in the short time frame.

Although pleased, I don’t feel that the visuals show the impact and mood that I was hoping to portray, I feel that because I got very enthusiastic about the space as a whole I concentrated on getting every room done to a mediocre standard, when if I had focused in on one or two rooms I could have got very stunning visuals for them and shown how this space could have really looked. However, though the design and the visuals that I did create I hope that the general scheme and scale of this piece is shown. Through more work over the summer I am hoping to create the visuals that will make this piece stand out.

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