‘Perform’ Brief

The first project of the year. The brief for this project was very broad, with being given the word ‘Perform’ with this we have to accommodate a type of performance, a bar and a display into a building in Cardiff. The building is situated in the city centre on a small street filled with small restaurants and bars, and is currently a bar itself.

I decided to focus on the performance element first, as this is the driving scheme throughout. I had lots of thoughts, always trying to think of something that no one else would. I considered a human jukebox, or a busking venue, but I felt they were too obvious when thinking of the word ‘perform’. So I have decided to go slightly different and create a sushi restaurant. The performance would be chefs cooking the food in the space. Sushi completed my scheme as I can create a conveyer belt that will also be ‘performing’, so not only are the chefs performing but the building is too. The food itself can be the display along the conveyer belt. I can then add a bar to fit the theme.

My initial ideas are to keep the design simple and clean, its a small space and I don’t want the design to take away from the main element of the performance.

There is always an option in these briefs that we can go out and find a host building of our own. However, I like the building and the street it is in, I feel that a sushi restaurant would fit as the street is filled with other restaurants. I also like the challenge of fitting something that should be quiet spectacular into a small space.

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