Perform- Concept

For the perform brief I have decided to carry on with the idea of a sushi restaurant. The cooking of the sushi will be the performance, the food will be the display, being dispalyed on a large conveyer belt that moves its way around the building. In addition to these there will also be a cocktail bar.

Before I focus on the scheme of this design I have been looking at the building in detail. I started by looking at the sun path.


Because this building is down a narrow street, the sun never reaches the front of the building directly. This building is also next to an ally way which leads to Cardiff markets, and adjoined to the right hand side is two other buildings. Which doesn’t allow any windows. Therefore I am going to made a light well in the back of the building using the natural light that does pass over the top of the building.


When making this light well I will also be removing the large existing fire stairs and disabled toilet which exists on the ground floor.


The light well will allow a lot more natural light into the building. Although the supporting beams in the building are not being moved when making this cut, I still want the building to be secure, so just as a safety measure I have added two beams into the space to support the ceiling on all three floors.


The building is relatively small, so I want this space that I have made to still be useful. There for it is going to contain my staircase and lift. This will allow a full staircase to stretch across all floors of the building, allowing it to meet fire safety building regulations.


Screenshot (62)

By adding these features to the building I believe that it will make it a much brighter and practical space. However this does upset where the fire exits currently sit.


There is a fire exit currently on each floor, however with the next light well this doesnt allow access to the first floor fire exit. Therefore I will have to create a new door on this floor. Because this fire door is leading into the adjoining building I will have to allow a gap behind the lift and across to the stairs for the other users of teh building still to be able to use the current door. However for my building to keep this as the fire door for my building would not meet building regulations as it would take too long to get there.

Screenshot (73)


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