Perform- Development of my design

Throughout the week I have been focusing on my design and how I can move forward with the scheme of my sushi restaurant. I have decided that I want to keep the design simple and very focus on the movement of the conveyer belt through the space and the lighting in the space. I believe that focusing on these two elements will give the mood and atmosphere that I hope to achieve. This will also happen through minimalist design and minimal materials. Through keeping a Japanese theme from the sushi too. I hope to manage to allow the conveyer belt to move between the two floors utilising the light well that I created. The light well will then contain all of the movement in the building, the stairs, lift and conveyer belt. If I keep this space open and use materials such as glass then whilst in this area you will also be able to see all other movement happening.

Although I want to keep the Japanese experience authentic, I don’t think that in our culture we would like to sit on the floor whilst eating. It would also be impractical for wheelchair users. So I am going to create a space on the first floor that can be hired for a more authentic Japanese experience. Where customers sit on the floor and have table service.

Current development of using SketchUp, un-rendered, a very rough idea and layout;


Screenshot (76)

Ground Floor:

Screenshot (77)

First Floor:

Screenshot (78)

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