Dissertation- Installation

To support my writing I am going to create an installation to show the affects that design could have in and office/ working environment.

My installation will enhance my research in how our environments make us feel. I have looked into a range of different spaces but will end the body of research focusing on work and educational spaces specifically, and being able to make this installation in the university would allow me to gather primary research.
I would like to build the whole installation rather than just a model, as it would let me gather the users feedback, but I also really enjoy building my ideas to scale and actually experiencing them for myself, and others experiencing them too. I have done this in previous projects and it always enhances my work, but it also turns out to be my favourite bit of the project too.
I plan to transform the room to be filled with colour and texture to give the users a new experience whilst having meetings in this space.
I will be placing planks of wood around the edge of the room against the walls, with metal hooks screwed into each piece 320mm apart. Onto these hooks coloured wool will be firmly attached (6-10 pieces per hook) and will reach up to the ceiling where each piece of individual wool will be held with a pin. This will not damage the ceiling as it is made from a foam material and has been used for purposes such as this before, and the floor will not be damaged in any way.
I will not block any doors, fire alarms or current screens in the room and the room as it stands will still be able to function as a meetings room or a place to do work.
I will then create a questionnaire and ask all users of the space for however long the installation exists (hopefully 1-2 weeks to gather a good range of feedback) to fill in the questionnaire and this is how I will gather my research.
The current space in university:
1:50 Scale model of proposed installation:


SketchUp version (un-rendered) to show details:

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