Perform- Scheme

My project has been developing and I have playing around with new ideas of my design. I have kept the concept of my design, creating a sushi restaurant where the performance is the cooking its self and the display it the food moving around the building. A large conveyer belt will be the main element of the design stretching the majority of the ground floor then building up and also covering half of the first floor. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to create a conveyer that will run horizontally and then vertically; to do this I create a design that involves a track in the conveyer that trays run along. Along side the conveyer belt I have made my own tables to fit and curve with the conveyer; I then created tables to fit with the curve under the tables. I have also changed the private rooms on the first floor to only two as I felt that three rooms were okay for size, but a little small. I also created the screens to be bi-folding rather than sliding as when pushed back to make a larger room, the screen wont be in the way. In the basement I have also details all the spaces, the toilets, storage and staff area.


Screenshot (95)

Ground Floor:

Screenshot (96)

First Floor:

Screenshot (97)

I created some un-rendered images from my sketch up to show my idea, and how my scheme is developing so far:

Screenshot (109)Screenshot (108)

Screenshot (107)

Screenshot (101)

A big part of my design will be in the lighting, I have created a dark space using dark walnut wood, this is the affect that I wanted; I think that some clever and very specific lighting will really bring this design alive. I am going to experiment with different colours in certain areas and use some colour theory to try and create the atmosphere that I am aiming for. I have been inspired by the ‘Japanese House of Light’ after reading about it in ‘The Essence of Japanese Design’ I found that it was carrying out a lot of the ideas that I had thought of so I am going to use it as a reference when placing my lighting.

Japanese House of Light:

Screenshot (112)House+of+Light+-+James+Turrell-3+copyHouse+of+Light+-+James+Turrell-6+copy

I have also been working on my model for the project, I decided to create my model on a 1:50 scale, I didn’t think that on a scale of 1:100 would be big enough to show all the elements. To start I used the 3D printer to create my conveyer belt, see my last blog post to see the progress of this:


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