To complete the ‘communication’ section of the perform project, it entails bringing all the design material from the concept and scheme reviews together to present the final outcome of the design.

The presentation started with host building analysis. Showing how my scheme would fit into the surrounding area and how the sun path moves over the building. The sun path was important to show as it influenced my first key move. I used SketchUp to create the images shown of Church Street. These were un-rendered, and demonstrated the information clearly.

I presented my design through an presentation. In this I thoroughly explained each key move as I am aware that in the past I haven’t fully explained what I have done to the host building and why. I demonstrated this through un-rendered SketchUp images, highlighting the element I was explaining.

I then used Auto CAD to develop a range of floor plans, a section and an Axonometric. Which demonstrate the detail on each floor and give a wider overview of what happens on each floor. Developing these further before the deadline, I need to consider, scale, and line weight within my floor plans. I also need to take perspective off my axonometric.

Screenshot (228)Screenshot (229)Screenshot (230)

Screenshot (231)Screenshot (232)

I created my visuals on SketchUp and rendered them through V- ray. Lighting was very important part of my scheme, it really helped to deliver the mood and atmosphere throughout the building.

Screenshot (233)Screenshot (234)Screenshot (235)Screenshot (236)Screenshot (237)

Although happy my presentation I know that certain elements could have been stronger and I will develop these before the deadline in two weeks time. I feel that my Auto CAD work was rushed towards the end as I was still learning the programme. I was pleased with how developed my design was, I knew all elements of the design and had considered where each mechanism would go and how it would work, which is something I have never done before. I was also extremely happy with how my final rendered images came through as I had used the extension V-ray which I struggled with a lot in previous projects.

Screenshot (239)Screenshot (238)



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