‘Perform’- Reflection

The Perform project has been personally one of my favourite projects throughout the three years. I pushed myself to constantly be working on this project and to know every detail of my scheme. I also wanted to create all the elements myself so I had really strong sense of ownership over the space.

I decided that I was going to create a sushi restaurant, very early on in the design process and certain elements of the design too such as a large conveyer belt, and the wood throughout the building to keep it simple, and throughout these didn’t change. The main changes and adaptions that I made were to technically get items of my design to work; such as the conveyer belt travelling across the first and second floor. It is very challenging to figure out how this would work, how it keep it aesthetically in keeping with the rest of my design.

Throughout the design I also challenged myself to create the best possible outcome at every point to demonstrate my scheme. To achieve this I used all the facilities available to me, and spent time learning new programmes such as; V-Ray which I have always struggled with before, Auto-CAD and using the PEL Space. Utilising these facilities helped me to demonstrate my project to a much better standard than I have ever been able to before. I wish I had used these last year so that my skills using them would have been more refined this year and my projects would have developed further.

Since presenting I have made small alterations to my presentation, such as more description into what the performance is. More host building analysis, refined some of my keys moves, added materials, and made some technical alterations on my floor plans such as line weight and scale. I also worked on my Section and Axonometric also refining the line weights and scale using AutoCAD. I also added images of my model as I forgot to do this when presenting, and images of my render in the PEL Space. I feel that these alterations has really helped to define my presentation and made some elements a lot clearer.

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Overall I am very happy with my presentation, I really committed myself to the project and feel the outcome has reflected that. There are small elements that I will revisit to refine. But, I believe that this project has not only pushed my boundaries as a designer but also allowed me to see what I am capable of if I push myself.

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