Exposure – Communication Review

Communication Review

Our final communication review of the course was a little different from usual. Due to the covid19 situation, we had our last review through a program called Microsoft Teams. We video chatted with all of our tutors in groups and presented our work through sharing our screens, which we had all created presentations to show our progress. In a difficult situation, I felt that it was very successful.

In my presentation, I first started by introducing the brief that I had set myself, and the clients that I have designed the homes for.


Next, I referred to my host building and showed the existing structure created my Alan Gillard and Associates, which currently sits as an office in Cardiff Bay Marina.


I then talked about my sun path, as my homes are nomadic I decided the best position for my homes to be in, and choose the location in Cardiff Bay accordingly.

Slide5Slide6For the purpose of this presentation, I picked five of my key moves to describe. I felt that these were the most important, and represented the biggest changes in the host building.


My presentation then moved on to talk about each client group, showing floor plans. and rendered images of each model.


Next, I demonstrated three alternatives on how the homes can change and grow, to grow with family life. This demonstrated that these are homes for life, and can be adapted to fit any family lifestyle.


I then carried on to explain the larger concept of these designs and how they all come together to form the floatable lifestyle village.



I am pleased with how my project has come along so far. There is still a lot of work to be done, the images need to be tidied up and the lighting needs to be altered. Ensure that all my floorplans are technically correct and label them correctly, which I have not done here. There were also some health and safety problems pointed out throughout my presentation, which I will change in the coming weeks.

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