Summer Show Display

Unfortunately due to Covid- 19 the Interior Design summer show was canceled. So as apart of my submission for our final deadline, which would have been in the form of the summer show, but now will all be digital I have got creative with still producing.

  1. Exposure

I wanted my exposure project to be the main element of my display, it is the project I am the proudest of, I also believe that it shows who I am as a designer. This display included a poster 1600 x 1900, a detailed book on all the research done through the project, and a scale model.


Exposure - 1600 x 1900 poster (Jaisy Davies)

2. Perform

Perform was the first project that I completed this year, again I am very proud of what I produced, so I still wanted a poster to be apart of my display, this one sits at 1600 x 500, it is accompanied by a detailed book of research completed throughout the project and a scale model.


Perform Exhibition Poster

3. About me

Also on my display, I am going to add my personal statement and CV, this was so possible employers and visitors of the show know who I am and a little bit about me and who I am as a designer. I have also produced an A5 portfolio of all the work I have produced since being in CSAD, these hand-folded booklets, and there to be taken by whoever may want one, with a business card tucked inside; this is to show some other pieces of work which I am proud of but have not gone on display. There is also the information inside where my work can be found in more detail and how I can be contacted.

4. Dissertation

I wanted my dissertation on display as I am very proud of what I achieved through my research. Not that at the show people will be able to take the time to read it, but it may interest some enough to read later on, online.


5. Exhibition

I created a digital render of what I had planned to display at the summer show, putting every mentioned above together.

Final Display (In Situ) - Jaisy DaviesFinal Display Diagram - Jaisy Davies

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