I strongly believe that the environments that we live in profoundly affects us as individuals. Having a sense of comfort and belonging in a space can nurture us to have a healthy mindset and outlook on life. I am driven to make a difference and improve the lives of others through design, whilst simultaneously demonstrating the impact that our environment has on us. This ethos is applied to every design that I create.

My driving principle is to create a space that will change someone’s life for the better, as well as being unique, inspiring, and captivating; something no one has seen before and will never forget. During any stage of the design process I allow myself to imagine how it would feel to be in the space that I am creating, and how I want it to feel for all the users of this space, but also how the clients wants it to feel.  I try to express this emotion and feeling through my designs, to portray the space to the best possible standard. I have always been intrigued in how every individual feels differently when the confront a space and I want to utilise these feelings within my work.

My work aims to create something fascinating that will stand out, but also encourage an emotional response to an environment. The projects that I have been a part of have shown me that I am determined to create something profound and impactful that will change how we see our current environments; working as an individual or as part of a team. I believe that this year I have done this on a very small scale, this has only encouraged my passion to design.