End of Year Show

To finish the year all our work is put onto display for the world to see. This gives us an opportunity to show what we have achieved this year. I created a small space, added colours which I had used throughout my year and all my projects, built a shelf in which I could bring my work out into the space and create a smaller scale of my Lilly project. I chose to display images also of my Lilly project and also some images of my last project ‘City Fits’. I also displayed an A3 copy of my final project and an book of my year overall and a review, which I put together, created the front cover and bound the books by hand.



I am very happy with the overall presentation of my work, and excited to see where my work over the summer will take me as a designer into my final year.

Book Binding

To finish off my second year I decided to print and bind my two final submissions. This is a skills that we briefly learnt in our first year of university, however I have taken those skills and researched how to create more designs.


By making these into books i feel that it is a good way to end the year and have a final tough on how my work in presented. I am very happy with the outcome and hope that these small details on each cover help to future the schemes.


Final Evaluation

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As a final project to end my year I am over all very happy. I believe that it portrayed who I want to be as a designer; to make a space for experience that someone will never forget and impact someone’s life for the better. I am pleased with how the scheme turned out, especially as I challenged myself to find my own building in my limited time, and it was a large building with lots of restrictions. I also delivered more spaces than I thought I would be able to in the short time frame.

Although pleased, I don’t feel that the visuals show the impact and mood that I was hoping to portray, I feel that because I got very enthusiastic about the space as a whole I concentrated on getting every room done to a mediocre standard, when if I had focused in on one or two rooms I could have got very stunning visuals for them and shown how this space could have really looked. However, though the design and the visuals that I did create I hope that the general scheme and scale of this piece is shown. Through more work over the summer I am hoping to create the visuals that will make this piece stand out.

Dissertation Proposal- Reflection  

The Psychological Effect of Different Types of Lighting upon Interior Design’ 

When writing my dissertation proposal, I looked at everything about design that truly interests me. This consisted of looking into lighting as an aspect of design, but also looking into interior design as a whole and the wider perspective of it as an art form; why it was is so important, and the benefits that it can really have on us. This evolved into looking at the psychology of interior design.  

looked into many different aspects of lighting including day light, artificial light, sun light; I then went to look into the well- being in buildings and the general psychology behind lighting. This included looking at the work of some publication that have been written for this field, I did not write anything critical about these publications into my dissertation proposal because I wanted to save these for the main body of writing as it will be vital for my research and didn’t want to over exhort my resources at this point. So, for this body of writing I use publications off the internet. This was plenty for this body of writing and I was able to gather all the information that was needed from these. Although very useful I am unsure of how reliable they are as anyone can write onto the internet. So, my resources for the main dissertation must be check and I must be more careful when looking for information.  

The research completed into day light and sun light, which allowed me to grab a grasp of the affects that this can have upon us using natural lighting. This information has been vital to my research as it shows the impact that light can have on us and how it affects us psychologically, and essentially can affect our mental health throughout the year, considering season change. When looking at artificial light, gave me more of an advance into looking at how you can utilize light to create places for experience. This wasn’t fully researched and as a piece of writing wasn’t developed enough, however this will develop when I have read more on the subject and I have got to experience light installation myself; then I believe that this will be a stronger and more critical piece of writing. I also didn’t investigate into if the effects of natural light can be transferred into artificial light, this will in future be a valuable piece of research as it will mean that we can transfer the feelings and emotions that you produce from experiencing sunlight into buildings using artificial light and this will mean being able to not only control human behavior to some extent but also to make us ‘better’ by making us more productive, happier and possibly healthier people through design.  

Next, I looked into the well-being in buildings. This allowed me to develop the earlier statement that you can ‘control’ behavior within buildings using lighting. This research took me into looking into how hospital function, work places, schools, university and other big establishments and if there building design is letting down the company and consequently making them less productive. I plan to investigate the work of authors however did not write this into my plan, again because I want to save this research for my main body of work. Although this is practical, I think it meant that my writing this time was let down and not as critical or as strong as it could have been, because it didn’t have the evidence to back it up. 

Then, looking into the psychology behind why we feel certain ways when experiencing light was very useful as it helped me to give a deeper understanding of the work, this kind of research is invaluable when writing my main body of work. I also plan to look into this work further using the work of published authors as it will make my work more reliable rather than using the internet as my main source.  

Writing this piece of writing in the third person was challenging because this is not usually the format that I write in. However, I found it to be quite useful and inciteful when writing. This is because I was thinking different to how I usually do, and this change the context of some of what I was writing. Although happy with my piece of writing and how it came out, I found that being restricted by having to write such a large piece of 5000 words, led the piece to be far too ‘wordy’ and not as good as it could have been if it was a shorter piece of writing. I also do not feel as if the piece was critical enough for the brief. It has set me up to start my dissertation in a good place however was a rough plan with some basis research and not enough in-depth research, but this will come with writing the main body of work. However, it has set me up with a good plan to follow, change and adapt for the next coming months.  

Writing this piece has only enhanced and encouraged my passion for the subject, I have been so involved when reading and researching that I am excited to carry on with this piece of writing and see where it takes me. I already know that I may change direction slightly, by looking into different elements of lighting to further my research. But I am very excited to see where this piece goes and intrigued into what information I will find when looking deeper into this field of study. Overall, I am happy with how this proposal went, however I know it could have been stronger, I will ensure that my main research and writing portrays the critical and passion that I know this subject topic could have when carrying on throughout the next few months.  

Dissertation Proposal

Where to begin…

I have struggled with this as I couldn’t choose what I wanted to write about and explore. I have always been interested in how much lighting can affect a space. So I know that this is something I want to explore. I have also always been interested in how much a space can impact a person and how different space affect everyone differently. I strongly believe that everyone has somewhere that they feel ‘good’ in. I want to explore why this is and how lighting can affect how people feel in a space, the impact that can be had if the lighting changes and how psychologically design can help us.

I have lots of ideas that are floating around without having a solid question, but I know the general area that I am going to look into, ‘Psychology of Interior Design’.


Sustainable Practices Review

Over the past five weeks I have been studying sustainable practices. I was thrilled with this as it was my first choice of study this term. Through the session we have explored different theories and practices and how we can change our ways to more sustainable living, but also how the world needs to develop and change to accommodate what our planet is demanding.

We have looked at theories such as green design, eco-design, dematerialisation, linear economy and circular economy. These theories helped to support new and innovative ways of rethinking and redesigning ways of how we produce products that we consume every day. They helped to explain how rethinking how we product products contributes to sustainability. Such as looking at the lifecycle of a product and pin pointing in which stage, the production for example, which causes the most damage and which is the most unsustainable, so that we can change this part of a products life and make the product more sustainable.

We also took part in a lot of practical elements in the lectures, such as breaking into groups and researching different theories and practices and presenting them back to the class. In our last lecture we also looked into real products that had been found in landfill in Cardiff and tried to source the problem and understand why it had been thrown away and see if we could fix this issue. As a group we looked at a kettle, it was in good condition and when tested we found that it did work and looked okay cosmetically too. We decided that it was probably thrown away due to change in style and fashions and trends, as the kettle was bright red. We then decided to redesign the product to make it more sustainable, we could make the kettle to be used on a hob, this way you would get rid of all the electrical parts, then we considered if you needed a kettle at all, to heat water you could always use other object such as a pan, this would then be multi functioning you can use it to cook food and heat water, and in turn if ever thrown away would create less waste then if we were to own both kettle and pan.

What I have taken most from these lectures is that to help to create and redesign the world, we don’t need new and innovative products that we then consume and throw our old products away but to really make a different we need to be grateful with what we have and stop mindlessly consuming products that we don’t need, just to fit into social trends and seen to be widely accepted by society.

I found my essay challenging to write as critical writing isn’t my strongest subject. I thought for a while what I was going to write about and didn’t want to get the subject matter wrong as I feel that in the last year this is where I have struggled, by writing about a subject that I am not passionate or interested enough in, and therefore not having enough interest in what I am writing about. Luckily for me I have always had an interest in sustainable practices and how I can apply this to what I do, to redesign the world and make it a better place through design, as I truly believe that this can happen. So in the end I decided to write about how what we are consuming is destroying the world and through big companies such as Ikea where we are buying furniture for a quick turnover, we a hugely contributing to bad sustainable practice, I then compared this to companies such as Benchmark who create furniture that last at a high price, so that it is an investment and you keep the product for a long time and therefore there is less waste in landfill and less production of products. However, I then looked into how realistic this is as not everyone has expendable money to be spending on high end products that will last, the wider population is more likely to be able to afford companies such as Ikea. But also, how practical the change would be, and what really needs to change is our attitude towards what we buy and the life cycle that is has rather than changing the product itself as we are the problem. If we considered what we were buying and if we really needed it then we could reduce what we are buying the waste, we produce and the mass productions lines that we have. We then also need to consider how we are distributing the raw materials that we have in the world and be fairer to countries with less economy and not let big countries with high political influence and power rule and destroy our raw materials.

I feel that my essay was successful and that I was able to express what I wanted to through my essay better than I ever have been able to before, through last years essays. I feel passionately about this topic and felt that I was interested and engaged in the topic. I have taken a lot from this, including the way I see products in everyday life. I know that what I wrote could have been stronger, however I was pleased with what I was portraying within my writing.

I can easily apply this to my subject matter or interior design as I will consider what each element of my designs are made from but also how necessary they are, if they are really needed in this world, so if what I am designing is just taking up raw materials unnecessarily. I want my designs to change the world, not destroy it, so I will always be looking at how I can change and develop my work to fit this, with my knowledge from these lectures I will carry through to every design that I create.


Sustainable Practices

Week 4:

This week we looked at old object that were found in the bin. We analysed this and tried to figure out what was wrong with it, and why someone would have thrown it away. The object still worked, a few scratched and minor issues however the product still had its primary function. The reasons for it being thrown away must have been cosmetic, maybe someone didn’t like the appearance, wanted a different colour, updated or just didn’t need it anymore. This is showing our physical obsolescence, the want for new things rather than needed them. We then considered if we needed a kettle at all? We could use a pan and heat it up on the hob, it is slower than using a kettle however more sustainable as a pan in multi- functional and could also be used to cook food. Then kettles wouldn’t need to be made saving those resources and when it comes to throwing them away, there will be less waste.

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Sustainable Practices

Week 3:

The circular economy…

This week we looked into the circular economy, this is a concept that will close the loop of the linear economy. So instead of using products once and then throwing them away, companies find new ways to use them and they get sold again, hopefully saving resources. This idea is a fantastic opportunity to rethink using creativity and innovation, the chance to redesign our future.

This idea makes the things that we are buying better, however do we need to buy these things in the first place? although contributes to solving an issue, it doesn’t fix it.

In groups we then looked at theories which underpin circular economy, i looked into performance economy. This concept again helps to contribute to solving an issue, but doesn’t fix the problem completely when you look into it.

From now on in these sessions i can thinking about my final essay and how i can relate Interior design to sustainable practices.

Sustainable Practices

Week 2:

This week we explored sustainable development, looking at equity, how we share resources globally. Focus on the future, not just thinking about the here and now.

We looked at sustainability from a global perspective, looking at what holds up society in terms of sustainability. It is said that sustainability is held on three pillars, economy, society and environment. Environmental most important, as we need clean air and water to survive, next is society need to be civil share otherwise things fall apart then the economy needs to be stable.

We spend a lot of the session looking at different practices, and how affect they are at achieving sustainability in day to day life. In my group we looked at commercial practices, this method is an exchange between two people or companies where you need something and someone else has this therefore you exchange so that you both get something you need. We used air bnb as an example, as someone has a spare room and someone else needs somewhere to stay therefore they exchange the room for the same value of money.  It is a good system however we identified some flaws, as there must be an element of trust that you get the same value as what you are giving.

I felt that this week was very productive for me as I understood what was going on and engaged with this. It gave me new ideas on how to think about my practices.