End of First Year Reflection

To say that my first year in university was eventful is an understatement. I was beyond excited to start my course in Interior Design. In my first week staying in university I fell and injured my knee, this resulted in major surgery (not the best start to the year). Although I know this set me back, in socialising and with all the technical skills and lectures I missed. I was determined to carry on and complete the year, and not let my injury stand in my way. I felt that the first term was hard, physically and emotionally all because of my knee. However after a very relaxing Christmas break I came back into the second term determined to pick up on all the skills that I feel I missed out on and really show what I can do (and show off that I could walk again). Through the second and third term I really felt that I picked up on skills that I missed out on and really enjoyed doing so.

I have found that the strongest point in my design process currently is concept and scheme, I love sitting down and sketching and writing ideas down and researching through different mediums to get inspiration. For me the best and most satisfying part of designing has been model making as I feel that it shows my ideas clearly, and looks very effective. I feel that I need to improve my skills in communicating my designs; through digital medias, sketches, drawing and presenting. However, although I know they need developing, I have come so far with these skills since the beginning of term.

Through the three terms I have also experiences two other elements of my course which are Field and Constellation. These have really helped in ways that I didn’t think they would and influenced my work. Field was hard, working with other practices allowed me to see how the skills that I hold can influence other practices. But I did not enjoy the process of the Field course. Constellation really did inspire me in so many ways, however the main piece of information that I have taken from it this term, which I will always apply to my work from now on, is that; an experience and atmosphere is very different for every individual person, and the impact and feeling this can have on someone can stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Although I am happy with how far I have come in a year, I don’t feel that this year I have achieved or created what I wanted. I am unsure if this is through hurting my leg at the beginning of the beginning of year and missing a lot of valuable time or focusing on getting through my first year and learning all new set of skills. I feel that I haven’t represented who I am through design. I came to realise this when writing my personal statement, I was writing about why I do design and what I wanted to achieve from this, and mainly this was to make a difference through design, this year I don’t feel as if I have achieved this. I am aware that I will probably not change the world through design, however to even make a small difference to even one person would mean I have achieved my goal; I have seen first hand what a difference this can make.

Collaboration ‘Light’

Week 6: Fashion Design

This was our final week in our ‘Field’ project. We decided to stay together in the group that we had been in for the other two projects as felt comfortable to be around each other now and felt that we worked well together; we also had another fashion student join our group Fiona. This project was to display a garment made by our fashion team members and create 6 photos that could be displayed in a magazine. This included thinking about make up, hair styles, environment and the garments. Although we were all excited about this project and felt that we all had something to bring to the table, the two fashion students took the lead as we were using their garments and it was their vision of what they wanted them to be portrayed as.

We decided to use both garments an experiments with how they both would look, together and apart. Ada and Fiona wanted the models to look grungy and quiet dark with heavy make up and dark clothing and simplistic hair styles. We looked at a number of locations that we could go to for this photo shoot, we looked at old abandoned warehouses and old hospitals, however our final outcome was very different. We decided to look at Roath park and just the juxtaposition of the nature and colours against the dark and grungy look of the garments and models. Our models were two member from our team Fiona and Georgia, Georgia also did the hair and make up on both models, Jordan was the photographer and I helped to display the models, ensuring that the garments were on show, I was focused on the environment around us, and I also took care of the behind the scenes footage. The photo shoot we found to be very successful as we planned a lot before hand and ensured that we had what we needed when shooting.

Throughout we were logging evidence of our work through a PowerPoint which we presented on the Friday showing some moldboards of ideas, behind the scenes footage in the form of some pictures and video time laps of our journey of taking the final images which were shown in the end of the presentation.

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We had to choose 6 final photos to present, we picked two each of the models and individuals and then a final two of the models together, we chose our photos based on how the garment looked in the setting and which photos showed the full potential of the garment. We edited them all slightly by making them darker and dimming the natural light. This allowed the grungy theme to come around more and play more on the juxtaposition of the models and the surroundings.

Then to finish our project we make a mock up cover for a magazine using the brand ‘Dazed’ as our title. This helped us to see our work as a final piece, and how it would look. We realised from this that the picture did not need much editing, we made it slighter darker and zoomed into the image more so the focus was on the models rather than the surrounding. Screenshot (21)...


Collaboration ‘Light’

Week 5: Interior Design

This week we were set with a new task in Interior Design. As a group we decided to stay together, and we called ourselves the yellow yolks as we were in the yellow group. In the new task we were given two words that contradicted each other. We had Futuristic and Nostalgic. First thing we did as a group was to mind map the first ideas that came to us, one important that linked the two was technology. We decided quiet quickly that for the futuristic image we were going to construct it around a picture that Georgia in our group was going to draw, a woman that was her idea of a futuristic woman and we were going to put this woman into a space. The space to us had to involve light and some sort of technology. We all had different ideas of what this meant, to some it meant a light, bright room which was very modern and clean and to other members of the group that meant using a dark space with a small element of light. In the final image we used a dark background. When presenting I don’t feel that the audience liked the dark background and felt that it didn’t represent what they saw as futuristic. We know that this image could have been better and with more tuition which we needed that maybe it could have been to the standard that we wanted it to be.

Finished Futuristic-2

The second image was much harder to create. As a group we found the futuristic idea came to us quickly however ideas for nostalgic were much harder to come up with. Through a lot of searching we found a piece created by an artist called Britt Davis who created a image of this bus stop to represent the first baseball game which included everyone it was called “Take your seat in history.” This image was based on something nostalgic so we decided to take it and edit in what we found nostalgic to make our own seat in our history. This included things we remembered from our childhood just as old TV programmes or memorable pieces of technology. This one was liked more by the audience and they were able to guess this images and relate to it more than the futuristic one. Although personally I was much happier with this image, I am aware that it needs more work and with more tuition it could have been better. Bus shelter

To create both images we manipulated them using Photoshop. This week we worked as a group much better as we were much more comfortable around each other, we were able to give each other criticisms and work more constructively together. Again I believe that some of the group put more work into it than others however everyone was involved and took part and gave some input into the final outcomes. We also were all there for our final presentation.

Collaboration ‘Light’

Week  4: Architecture Design and Technology

This was our first week of Collaboration in our new groups. I was working with Jordan from adt, Adeshola from fashion design and myself and Georgia from Interior Design. Our first task was to create a short film which was to show spaces within the university, and explain how they made us feel.

Initially as a group we worked well together and seemed to get on. We set up a group chat so that we could always communicate and arranged times in the week where we were going to tackle this project. As individuals on the Monday we took videos of spaces that we liked and meant something to us, then we regrouped and showed each other what we had. The next day we walked around as a group and took some videos that were significant to all of us. We planned how we wanted it to look and what we felt the best clips were and that gave the most impact. Jordan then used him video editing skills to put together our final video.

I was happy with the overall outcome of this project. I felt that as a final piece it wasn’t very strong and didn’t have a massive impact on the viewer, this is because it was the first project and we weren’t completely comfortable around each other yet, which meant we were trying to figure out how we would all work as a group and who had what skills. We had decided that none of us felt comfortable talking over the presentation so were going to use subtitles within our video to show how the spaces made us feel, and have music playing over the top. In the final video the music didn’t work and we not able to edit it on top. I also felt that the words on the presentation went past too fast and an audience would struggle to see what they said. The presentation didn’t go as planned as our video wouldn’t work on the big screen to show everyone, this was disappointing as it meant we weren’t able to show off what we had made together.

I feel that this project was successful but could have been improved as we were working together as a new group and didn’t really know each other. Throughout the project we worked well together some of the group were had more input than others and contributed more, however we were all involved. I feel that the next project will be better as we are more comfortable working with each other and know what our strengths are.


Collaboration ‘Light’

Week 3: Field_ of Light

I was very excited for this project as I love light, the way it is used in images, architecture and design. It is a massive aspect of all of our lives and I have always felt very passionately about it. This project was an amazing opportunity for me. I decided to come up with the idea for a multi- sensory experience after my first term constellation which opened my eyes to the way that we experience different things as an individual. So my final idea was a circular curtained off area within the reception space that you are able to walk into; within this space there is different sized bendable sticks with round light on top that coloured with six different colours. You are able to walk through this ‘Field’ of light and touch the lights that will bend with any movement, they will also react with sound and have a smell on each colour that will trigger the memory of a taste and you will have a sensation of taste as well.

Through the three weeks of this project I have been using sketch up, this was able to give me the affect show off my work in a different way. Although I enjoyed it I wasn’t able to create the atmosphere that I wanted as I found v-ray hard to use and didn’t fully understand all the technical side to it. However I am determined to understand it so I will practice until I can get the desired affect. However if I had manged to use v-ray i believe that my project would have been a lot more powerful as the atmosphere I very important to the project and that wasn’t portrayed correctly.

During this project I also had the chance to build a model. I always jump at the opportunity to do physical making work, so making the model was a lot of fun for me. I used the technique of using two different types and thicknesses of cardboard to create a solid structure, I found cutting the thinner pieces of cardboard tricky as they would often rip and tear and then I would have to start again. I used acetate to create the affect of a window in between the two layers of cardboard and I also chose to paint my model so that it had a cleaner finish. I then used black card to create the curtained off area and the roof of that area. To make the lights I had decided that it was very important to me that they lit up. I found this challenging to get my model to light up as well as look as I wanted it to. I used led lights which i then painted the six colours which I wanted. Although I was very pleased with the overall look if more time then I would have worked on making the light have round tops and being able to bend the sticks, but I was able to illuminate the object.

Along with this I did some technical drawings, these were a drawing of the plan of the building which showed what I wanted the reception area to look like, how it would be placed within the space and how the lights were spread out in the space. I also completed an axonometric drawing, this helped me to understand the space, help other to do the same but also I wanted to develop my skill in this area, I believe that my skill to complete these drawings has improved and will continue to.

I presented this work to my other fellow Interior Designers, I don’t think that my presenting skills are fantastic as I find that I am happy to present but don’t always know what to say and don’t sell my ideas that well. I know to improve this I need to keep practising and prepare something to say about each slide before doing it so that I can focus on selling my idea rather than worrying about what to say.

Overall I am happy with my project, however I know it needs work and that I need to improve skills in certain areas.

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Collaboration ‘Light’

Week 2:

Since last week I have developed my ideas further, I decided to create a ‘Field’ of light for this project. The concept behind this was that I am going to insert a black curtained off space into the reception area within this space there are interactive lights that stand on long bendable sticks. My development for the initial idea is to make this space a multi- sensory experience. This idea stimulated from my constellation as I had my eyes opened that not everyone experiences the same thing in the same space, that everyone’s experience is unique to them. From this idea I made this field multi sensory so that if you were blind, deaf or just had a strong sense to another that you would still be able to experience something within this space, it will also play on memories as part of the experience using smell and taste.

This week I have also been doing some practical work, after a tutorial with my tutor I built my model. We were shown how to use two different types and thickness of cardboard to achieve a solid structure. Model making is one of the most enjoyable parts of the experience of designing for me. I like to add small touches that really help to bring the model to life, this could be as small as some paint. Although my design has round light in it, it was important to me that my model would light up, although hard I have come up with the idea to use led light and paint them the colours that I want and use these as part of the ‘field’ of light.

I have also completed some technical drawings, a daring of the plan of the building with how the light would fit into the space, but also a axonometric drawing which allowed me to see the space from a different perspective but also helped me to portray my ideas clearly.  I have  been doing small sketches and drawing which have helped me to develop my ideas but also have helped to show what I am trying to portray.

Collaborate ‘Light’

Week 1:

This week we were introduced to our new project ‘Light.’ I am very excited by this project as I have always been inspired by and interested in light and using light in my work. I was also excited to be designing a space which I can actually see and visited, everyday I walk past this space and I have seen many different displays from different subject areas, so I am excited by the chance to design it myself.  To inspire us, in our lecture we were shown images of different artists, one of which were the ‘Marsyas’ designed by Anish Kapoor which was displayed in the Tate Modern. Although my initial ideas don’t relate to this, I enjoyed his work as it was unusual and different and I took that concept from his work to think different to create something memorable rather than making a replica of his work.

I had two initials ideas to start this project they were; to create a dark room and using lights to create the affect of stars as you walk into the space or; a ‘Field’ of light this would be light that are interactive, that are all stood up in a dark space to give the appearance of a field of light flowers. Both ideas are too create and atmosphere and an experience rather than just display an object. To start the development of our ideas we were introduced to sketch up, this computer programme allowed us to not only display our ideas in a new way, but create mood and atmosphere  using v-ray, so we could portray our ideas more effectively.

As a beginner using Sketch up I have found it challenging to locate all the controls that I want and be able to use all the tools effectively, however to progress I will need to keep practising to achieve the outcome that I desire.