End of Year Show

To finish the year all our work is put onto display for the world to see. This gives us an opportunity to show what we have achieved this year. I created a small space, added colours which I had used throughout my year and all my projects, built a shelf in which I could bring my work out into the space and create a smaller scale of my Lilly project. I chose to display images also of my Lilly project and also some images of my last project ‘City Fits’. I also displayed an A3 copy of my final project and an book of my year overall and a review, which I put together, created the front cover and bound the books by hand.



I am very happy with the overall presentation of my work, and excited to see where my work over the summer will take me as a designer into my final year.

Book Binding

To finish off my second year I decided to print and bind my two final submissions. This is a skills that we briefly learnt in our first year of university, however I have taken those skills and researched how to create more designs.


By making these into books i feel that it is a good way to end the year and have a final tough on how my work in presented. I am very happy with the outcome and hope that these small details on each cover help to future the schemes.


Final Evaluation

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As a final project to end my year I am over all very happy. I believe that it portrayed who I want to be as a designer; to make a space for experience that someone will never forget and impact someone’s life for the better. I am pleased with how the scheme turned out, especially as I challenged myself to find my own building in my limited time, and it was a large building with lots of restrictions. I also delivered more spaces than I thought I would be able to in the short time frame.

Although pleased, I don’t feel that the visuals show the impact and mood that I was hoping to portray, I feel that because I got very enthusiastic about the space as a whole I concentrated on getting every room done to a mediocre standard, when if I had focused in on one or two rooms I could have got very stunning visuals for them and shown how this space could have really looked. However, though the design and the visuals that I did create I hope that the general scheme and scale of this piece is shown. Through more work over the summer I am hoping to create the visuals that will make this piece stand out.

Work Experience: ‘Part of the Furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live Project: Cardiff Bay Session

This week to finish off the project we were teaching a two hour session in Cardiff Bay with the class that we have been working with, to show off what we have been doing to the Welsh Government and the public to promote the benefits of this scheme.

During this session we started with playing a ‘ice breaker’ which involved asking a range of questions and when they answered we threw them a ball of wool. This in the end created a pattern which represented their creative thinking pattern and also showed them why we created the ‘zones’ in their classroom.

We then moved onto the ‘How does it make me feel’ task, this involved using 1:50 scale models, in which they had to pretend that they were that model and create a space for experience for it to live in. We have done this task with them before  on the first session that we met the class, but it was enjoyed and also showed a good range of skill in the class, so we felt it was appropriate to show this task off. After this we then used lighting to change how the space looks and change the mood and feeling of the space. We experimented with different colours to show the impact that this can have.

To end we completed a mindfulness task, not only for the benefits that these have, but it also was well received when doing them before in the classroom so made sense to finish our session with another session. It was linked to the tasks as we asked them class to pretend they were the size of an ant. We hope that they link this to pretending to be the model in the earlier task.

It was a nice way to end the sessions we have been doing. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it has only furthered my love for interior design and my passion for being an interior designer.



Work Experience: ‘Part of the Furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live Project: Week 12

The last week of the project, we had a lot of work to do over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday as everything had to in and installed on the Wednesday. This included, constructing the bookcases, which took time to get them right and safe. We also had to construct the ‘zones’ that were going to hang above each table in the classroom. We also had to varnish and ‘tidy up’ all of the components so that they were perfect for Wednesday. Working 12 hour days every day, we manged to get everything finished.

Then we had to get everything down to the school Wednesday morning. This including hiring a van and loading everything up. When down there we installed everything and tidied up the classroom so that it looked good and everything that we had built was then practical.

 We were thrilled with the end result… 


Work Experience: ‘Part of the Furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live Project: Week 11

We went back to the school again this week, whilst there we carried on with painting the trolley units and trays. We also had purchased whiteboard paint, which we applied to two of the walls to give them an interactive space in which they could all use and could be adapted easily.


This week around going down to Pembrokeshire we also finished constructing the bee- hive reading corner. This took a whole day to put together, over 30 brackets and 200 screws. But we are more than happy with the final product. To do this we measured each angel and bent strait brackets to the angel that we needed.

We also had all the wood cut for the bookcases, again having to produce a cutting sheet and using AutoCAD to get all the measurements and angels right. We used a glue and water mix to seal wood first, this allowed us to put less coats of paint on and save time.




Work Experience: ‘Part of the Furniture’

Pembrokeshire Live Project: Week 10

This week we have been working hard on the construction of the reading corner bee- hive and the bookcases. To do this we have created these products of sketch up, then used a programme called AutoCAD to get all the correct measurements and angels.


Then we have began to cut the wood, to do this we made cutting sheets where we drew out each piece of wood and what piece we could get from each. This allowed us to make the most out of the wood we were using.

Along the way we have had some issues, we started this week by cutting each piece for the bee-hive reading corner out of chip board and we had cut and sanded each piece. We then got told that it was unsafe to use in a school as there is still a risk of splinters. So this was a hold day of work that had to be scrapped and we had to start again, costing us more money. The solution to this is that we will be using a 18mm MDF instead which is a lot sturdier and will require a lot less work. This set back has meant that will be extending the project by another week so that we can ensure that the building is to  a high standard.